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Since you all know so much about MDA during his 4 full seasons with PHX, how about you tell me exactly where the Suns D' ranked during those 4 years in terms of both PPG allowed & FG%.

Just because PHX always ranked as a top 3 offense under MDA; doesn't mean it was a "given" that NY would also, in less than 3 years, rank as a top 3 offense; during a year where MDA entered the season with 4 of 5 brand new starters who weren't with NY last year. Fields is just a rookie. It wasn't a "given". Not when Nash was a top 2 PG (KIdd) under MDA, Amare was enoying his golden years str8 out of HS, Joe Johnson was considered one of the NBA's most deadly 3 point shooters & the Matrix was as explosive as they came etc, etc. How quickly you MDA harpers forget: NY fans DREAMED of Amare during the offseason, because of his offense; not his "defense". We prayed for Melo because he's a top 3 NBA scorer, not because of his "D". We ONLY landed Melo because MDA took the offensive games of Gallo, Chandler & Felton to another level!
Thanks for answering my questions and AGAIN ignoring the thread's main point. Defense has always been the main ingredient in championship teams.

Has D'Antoni ever had a top ten defensive team?

We got Melo because he wanted to be here. We got Amar'e because we offered him a lot of money and he knew Melo would come if he came.

D'Antoni had nothing to do with it. At all.

Answer my questions, please.