It's just sad when MDA haters harp all over NYs every wrong move on D' when it's a team sport. They judge him on his 4 years with PHX on D' without even giving him a chance to right the ship here in NY. When was the last time NY ranked as a top 3 offense or top 10 "defense"? Long before MDA came to town; our D, O & entire team was an NBA laughing stock. But yet, blame MDA for our D during a year he's working with 5 new starters? How quicly people forget MDA made us relivent, respected & part of the NBA & playoff talk for the 1st time in God knows when. It's just sad they cant even appreciate what he's meant for our proud franchise. He put his career win % on the line just for a chance to succeed in NY. NY D's of the 90's? Damn. Jeffries is no Ewing. Amare is no Oakley. Turiaf is no Mason. Shelden is no Anthony Smith & Fields is no Starks who competed with MJ one on one. Mozgov wasn't even Bill Dudley. George could never get Melo to D' up, but yet, MDA has Melo playing D & even talking D.