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I have no idea where the Suns D "ranked". I'm still waiting for the answers. I know they weren't top 10, but where exactly did they rank on D in terms of pts per game allowed & FG % during the 4 full seasons D'Antoni coached?

I don't need to know where PHX D's "ranked". I know enough to know that MDA never had a chance to lead PHX to top D's.

Doesn't mean NY cant build a top 10 D' under MDA with the KNICKS. Much different players.

Way before "MDA" Nash was considered a very bad defender (still is). TD has been great on D since his FSU days, & has been outstanding under MDA. Joe Johnson has never been known for his "D". That was before, during & after MDA's time with PHX. We have Fields who under MDA; has shown ability to play strong peremeter D' as a rook. Melo is playing D under MDA & a focused Melo is much better than Marion. We lack size, Center(s), blocekd shots & ability to board. Amare is our ONLY rebounding threat who blocks shots as a Big. Weird, coming from someone who; came from PHX with MDA.
Melo, Fields, and Amare are all good rebounders. PHX's defense was never top 10. Offense, as you can tell by the stats, matters, but so does Defense... moreso than offense.

Your questions serve against your point. Your point is, well it doesn't matter if their defense was crap... he had one of the top offenses...

Yes a top offense that never won a championship. If he cared as much about defense as you let on, why didn't his team rank in top 10? Top 5? 11 of the last 15 championship teams were in the TOP 5. The best MDA could manage was 13th best in the league... Not too shabby, but it is nowhere good enough to give a team a significant chance at the chip.

We need a coach that can propel us to the top 10, and preferably top 7. We stand little chance of winning without it. It is going to take TEAM DEFENSE to do this. One on one defenders are not enough. The whole team needs to know rotations, and how to defend against specific plays.

MDA has never shown that he is capable of this. His substitutions are poor and he'd rather just out score you.

Like I said before. Melo's defense has gotten worse since coming to the Knicks.