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@ rono... I have many of post's on here talking about Charles Smith. Never called him "Anthony before". Been a long time since the Dudley days, not sure why I called him Bill.

Also, just because Mozgov was 7'1... Doesn't mean he was productive. The man was only averaging 2 & 3 or 3 & 4 as a starter. Pathetic for a 7 footer. Our SG Fields rebounds better than that Russian project.

Don't even think about blaming MDA for the loses of Mozgov & Randolph. MDA was against the trade to begin with. So was Walsh. Dolan forced the trade to happen (I'm glad he did too). MDA gave Randolph a chance & he wasn't all that impressive. Mason is now getting minutes & thats a perfect example of a coach not throwing raw bench players into the fire & feeding them to NBA wolves. MDA wasn't the only coach who didn't play Randolph; another good coach did too lol.

If MDA didn't teach D... A rookie in Fields, who MDA loved & gave a chance to since day one; wouldn't play tough D. Same goes for TD. Amare wouldn't be our best big on D.
Landry was so good, that even someone as blind as D'Antoni had to recognize it. We were also very weak in the 2 spot, and he was an obvious choice.

And you can't use Mozgov's stats as a good indicator of what kind of player he was. He only got garbage minutes, which ultimately brought down his stats. He hustled and played well when he was on the floor most nights. Besides, you said a center matters.

I'm not blaming D'Antoni for the trade. I do blame him for never playing AR or Mozzie Mozbourne.