Props on the stats that were dropped first and foremost.

@knicksfanfromqueens1985 Boston was a team put together in the offseason and won the chip the same season. Do you know why that team won? DEFENSE!!

Even though PHX was in the west, in the playoffs you have to be the best in your conference before you can play the best in the other conference.

Either way, both conferences have to play the other for the ring.

In any sport, it is a KNOWN FACT you cannot win w/o defense.

You dont even have to have the best players on paper to be the best, look at the 04 pistons. Given they had a FEW defensive specialists in ben wallace, prince and lindsey hunter, the entire team played D and they won.

The reason the entire team played D is because the coached PREACHED D.

As long as the leader is great at leading, the pack will provail!