You all can continue to compain about MDA 24/7 in whats already been a special season so far. Enjoy.

I'll continue to appreciate & enjoy this new team & season for what it's worth; which is a chance to make the playoffs as a 5 seed; for the 1st time since 04 with a top 3 offensive attack, led by a true veteran leader @ the Point in Billups, to go along with 2 of the NBA's top 5-10 Stars in Carmelo & Amare. I'll also enjoy the overall talents & production of our home grown/young talents in Fields & Douglas. Haven't seed a NYK rookie as solid as Fields since God known when. I'll enjoy NY being relivent once again as a proud Franchise that can possibly make some noise here in the East come playoff time. No one expected NY to win, or even compete for a championship until next year to begin with. Everyone knew we lacked the type of BIG's that could even come close; to being able to match LA, BOS, CHI, ORL, SA etc, etc. Amare, Mozgov, AR, JJ & Turiaf aren't quite Herb, Ewing, Oakley, Mason & Charles Smith.