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You all keep crying & calling for a top 10 defense.

Who was the last great Knicks big man?

When was the last time NY ranked top 10 in defense?

When was the last time NY ranked top 10 in rebounds?

When was the last time NY ranked top 10 in blocked shots?

After you answer those questions... Answer this question;

When did Mike D'Antoni arrive in New York?

Since you all seem to be defensive experts around here... Can any of you actually tell me, over the past 3 years since D'Antoni has been here... How he could have turned us into a top 10 defense?

With which 30-35 different players could MDA have used to ''form a top 10 defense"?

C- Lee / Mozgov / Curry
PF- Amare / Jeffries / Turiaf
SF- Melo / Randolph / Shawne Williams
SG- Fields/ Brewer / Azu
PG- Dougla / Carter /Billups

Is that the type of defensive team you've wanted MDA to "work with"? If so... Please explain how Walsh could have made that happen? Keep in mind the NBA does have a salary cap. Don't forget to account for injuries too.
The point we are trying to make is you need a top 10 defensive team to win rings. That is the ultimate goal, yes? MDA has never shown the slightest predilection towards team D. He. Has never had a top ten D team in his entire career. Never shown he could have a top ten D team.

Answer me this: Why should I believe he can do that with this team?