Look Musketeer; your a hell of a basketball poster, your a true NYK fan. I enjoy your insight. Can also tell you love your NYK team like a true New Yorker. Trust me, I respect you for that .

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagee. We're two different fans. One is no better than the other. We're all NY fans who want the best for this proud franchise. I'm willing to give this man a chance to W in NY. 1st & foremost; I feel he deserves the chance to compete during this years playoff run along with an offseason to gel with our 3 stars. After 10 years of hard times...I actually like the sounds of two Western Conf Finals in 4 years, 4 consecutive trips to the playoffs with 54+ wins. Two with 60+ wins. Game 7 against a Dynasty Spurs team, 4 top 5 offensive attacks, winning % of .650 after 4 years, winning record during the playoffs, 5 out of 8 playoff series won, coach of the year honors, coached with team USA, won championships all over Italian & Europe leagues, Star players are willing to play for him, etc.