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The most undeniable metrics for a team's success and the subsequent evaluation of it's coach....are undeniably in MDA's favor with the Knick's at this point.

When MDA actually begins to truly underwhelm (the playoffs, and at the latest early next season seems like it'd be a valid time to re-evaluate his job with our latest roster)....but when our team and our team's players....underperform to the expectations of Knick fans and analysts at large, the massive influx of anti-MDA threads and talk wouldn't just be expected...but for me, would be most appropriate.

Just like Doc Rivers was a donkey about to be fired who couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag. His team wins, and you forget about everything except the performance of players, their expectations, and if they are ultimately winning.
Far too considered and calm a post for this thread, now get your pitch fork and let's get back to work!