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Fair enough. But when pre-season brawls were going on in KO, and people were giving their final judgements and season predictions and expectations....Including "analysts",

They were ones that MDA/Knicks have met or exceeded so far this season.

Can't hold this against *yours*.

But if you'd be ok if we win less games but put faith in size this year, you are going to rage against D'antoni until he wins a chip. His style and thinking will always piss you off first and foremost, and seem impossible to be truly legit. Barring the actual winning of a chip here.

we will never win a chip with O'antoni unless he brings in a defensive coach to help him in areas he lack..

O'antoni had very good teams in PHX. mvp, etc... and couldnt do....so im not convinced.....a 60 win team should at least make it to the finals