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I was looking at MDAs rosters at Phoenix. You guys do realize all this talk about getting a big that eats up space, rebounds and plays defense is probably moot. That just isnt MDAs cup of tea. He ran STAT in the ground for 3-4 years before getting Shaq who he didnt want at all. He'd rather play a Jared Jefferies type player that can shoot. Dont be surprised when we dont sign any of the bigs we're all clamoring for...
That is the impression I have been under as well. MDA likes playing small lineups where his 5 can run and shoot and has always had teams with these type of players besides the 1 year he had Shaq, which he didnt want him and it was a total failure.

I do want him to atleast finish out the season and give him a chance to show some flashes that this team can compete on D on a more consistent level with their effort, but I truley dont see this happening.