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I'm just saying... MDA isn't the reason why we haven't had a top 10 D. The Center position is.

Since you know oh so much about defense... Please... Explain in your own words how in 08 & 09, with the cap hell rosters that MDA had... How he could have formed top 10 D's.

I'll continue to wait Musk... Because that post will never come. Admit the truth; MDA has never had a chance in hell to form a top 10 D with NY.

We all know Duncan & KG were both amazing defensive (and offensive) PF's... But since your talking about the past 15 championships... Care to list who those BIG MEN @ the Center position were? Because I have no problem listing some of the scrub C's MDA's been forced to work with.


He's never had a CHANCE to land a legit-true Center. Never. This offseason will become MDA's first chance @ landing a true center.
You watch these games and you have rose colored glasses on. That's cool. I understand. It's, IMO, a bit naive, but I understand. You don't need a true center to have some kind of defensive strategy. MDA is and always has been our problem.

How is it that you can see stats where every single player who comes to his team ends up having worse defensive stats than their previous years, and then still try to deny the hard numbers right before your eyes. How come you can see Noah's defensive stats raise, Rose's stats defensive stats raise, despite having the same team as last year and still live in a state of denial?

It is the duty of a GM to make a team better. If it were up to you, Vinnie Del Negro would still be coaching the Bulls and they wouldn't be an elite team in the East. The Knicks need a better defensive coach to make them a better team.

How can you look at the loss tonight where we let up 119 points to the frigging Pacers and suggest we don't need to be better defensively -- or at least make an active effort to do something better defensively???? A new coach is the best bet we have at this point.