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I want a center, but you guys act like everything is going to be rainbows and championships should we get one. Give us a championship. We got Samuel Dalambert!!!! We are the best team in the world! Hallelueja!

No. Just no.

Look at the Clippers. Deandre Jordan. A guy we'd like to have. Blake Griffin is very simliar to Amar'e, except he boards. Essentially those two guys should solve the problems you guys so like to use as excuses instead of placing blame squarely where it falls: MDA. They both board, and one is a 7'0'' shot blocker.

They don't play defense and they are where they are:105.7 (21st of 30) ▪ [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]: 109.0 (19th of 30). I would imagine, with our coach, we would be right around the 17th mark.

When in the world have I downplayed player contribution??? I never have. I just know that even with a center we still need defensive strategies... strategies that MDA can't come up with (See last night). We got burned by the same pick and roll played that the Pacers killed us with on Sunday, and Cleveland slaughtered us with the week before. MDA didn't make any adjustments.

A center does not solve our problems... It helps, but we have more major issues.
I will mention our need to first replace D'Antoni every chance I get, get use to it.

Before we move forward, and try and acquire a PG or a C, replace Mike D'Antoni.

We don't want anymore, one dimensional players, specific to this system.

Two way players only.

no offense but a Shawn Williams, or Jeffries, or any one who can't demonstrate an ability to both play D and perform on the offensive end, CANNOT BE ON THIS TEAM.

When we prospect who we get in the future, if this guy can't play defense, he shouldn't be on our team, and that message of just be able to shoot threes shouldn't be sent out. It was because of our coach- which lead us to squander player opportunities that we can no longer afford.

Establish a defensive culture, start by firing Mike D'Antoni.