1) Fields has 16 pnts through 3 periods on great shot selection and moving with out the ball.

doesnt play a lick down the stretch

2) Amare pushes a 12 nothing run to give us the lead

coach benches him for 2 minutes taking him out of rhythm ??

3) Jefferies airballs a 3 and doesnt get benched ??? this is the NBA if you cant hit the rim dont shoot the shot

4) Our biggest downfall last game was Hansborough and Hibbert killing us in the paint on both ends of the floor.

so what does our coach do, thinks offensively for more ball movement, by inserting a smaller player into the starting line up in S williams forcing amare to get man handled by a 7-3 265 center, while our two tallest players jefferies and turiaf sit on the bench ??????

5) again we are left for long stretches with no starters on the floor ??? which leads to immediate double digit deficits for melo and amare to make up when they get back in the game.

6) we have one knock down 3 pnt shooter and we are shooting 30 plus threes a game.....

7) we double team hibbert 15 feet away from the basket, letting hansborough and granger wideeee open all game long.

8) every time we drive and miss a shot we complain about a foul including our coach while the pacers are already at center court spreading the floor for a wide open three.

9) Fire this coach

10) fire this coach.