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    True true, I'm not sure why everyone is so keen to dump Billups though.

    He's easily got 4 years left in the tank playing at a level similar to Steve Nash if you ask me. Obviously his contract is the main kicker...

    But consider this, the Knicks are looking to tie him up to a deal this year (before the new CBA?), and considering his age, the amount of good PG's in the league right now etc, I would expect him to take a reasonable pay cut to continue playing here.

    If we can tie up Billups on a deal similar to Feltons, we would keep close to 15 million of cap flexibility AND have an ice-cold, big-shot PG. Range, passing ability, clutch... I can go on and on (and don't really need to, everyone knows Billups has quality in bounds).

    I really think if we can keep hold of Billups on a 4 year deal that doesn't rape our cap then we should do it.

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    Originally Posted by hometheaterguy
    D'Antoni is a horrible coach?? His Suns were in the playoffs every year he coached, 50+ wins every year he coached the suns (in the superior west) and was voted coach of the year for the 2004/05 season. His first 3 years with the Knicks were losing season because they were DUMPING CONTRACTS!! You guys are killing him after only 5 weeks with this roster??? He deserves a chance to work with a complete and permanent roster.
    Also, many people, including myself, said getting Melo was not the best idea since he was EXACTLY like STAT. They both do not play D and they both hold onto the ball! Everyone was screaming that the Knicks needed to pull the trigger on Melo and now we are seeing what 2 1 dimensional super star players can do to a team! Not to mention the knicks are dreadfully undersized!
    For the people crying for Turiaf and Sheldon Williams... Really, they are game changers?? Turiaf is so injury prone and not to mention undersized at the 5. Did I miss something with Sheldon Williams over the past few years were he was a monster in the paint??? How did that get by me? This team is still a work in progress and we have to allow the knicks a little more time to address the couple spots that need upgrades.
    Man don't exaggerate what I said I didn't say he was horrible I said he wasn't a good coach. When your notorious for not making defensive adjustments your not a good coach. When you regardless of your bigs skill level start a SF at the 4/5 over 3 actual PF when you know rebounding is a team weakness your not a great coach.

    Also your right he hasn't had time to work with this team but his coaching has been spotty all season. He consistently made weird roster adjustments in game. D'antoni has a known aversion to calling time outs when the other team is getting hot and the knicks are playing cold. Or the fact that he said to Donnie the knicks should release Brewer because he doubted he would play him when right now the team is in need of parameter defense. Or maybe tell your guys to stop arguing missed foul calls in the paint and get into position on the transitional defense.

    That equals a coach who isn't very good.

    Now are all the problems coaching? .....Nope

    We have roster issues as well, that coaching won't fix. We took a step back with the Melo trade in the short term in order to be stronger in the longterm. So you got to be hopeful but D'antoni needs to step his game up as well because good coaching is what the Knicks need.

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    We have to admit our biggest mistake was being convinced about D'Antoni.

    1. Our drafting would have been different leading to a more optimal mix f players by now

    2. Our player development would be much better by now

    3. We would have been a perennial playoff team by now, at least on par with Portland

    I guess it just wasn't in the cards. We've had two top ten draft pick opportunities and an owner & GM willing to spend and back up our coach. Although all is not lost. We still acquired some talent, and can right the ship.

    But whatever we do to correct this mistake, it must be quick.

    I hear coaches defending Mike such as JVG. I can only conclude that either this is the politically correct thing to do or JVG doesn't really watch us night in and out. I know he knows better than that.

    The same day he defended Mike, our team shot over 40 threes.

    Now whether MOA is directly telling players to do this, or this is how his instructions are translated really matters not. The body of work and different rosters have interpreted MOA's philosophy to do the same thing

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