(Chemistry & team experience)

Before the trade, NY had 4 starters who weren't on the roster last year in Felton, Fields, Amare & Mozgov. Gallo was our only returning starter. (2 Rookies)

After the trade? NY now has 5 starters who weren't with us last year. 3 of our 5 starters have only been here for 12 or fewer games.

These situations make it next to impossible for a team to compete on a consistant basis without the much needed practice time to GEL as a unit.

We aren't a "team" as of right now; we're a team thats trying to learn how to become a better team. It takes time.

Gaining the much needed playoff experience could become huge for NY. After a full offseason of training camp, a boat load of offseason practices, along with an entire preseason of working together, as a team; we should be ready to contend next year. Especially if we upgrade in talent over Jeffries, Turiaf & Shelden @ the Center position.

We're expected to bring back 4 returning starters next year in Billups, Fields, Melo & Amare. .