People that talk about the coaches seem to overlook the fact that the team on the floor are only reflections of their coach. Rarely do you see it the other way around(ex.Celtics). Heres some examples:

Phil Jackson Lakers- THey kind of coast through seasons, brush off adversity, not too high not too low and turn up the intensity when needed and never panic. Thats Phil Jackson all day.

Greg Popovich Spurs- Greatness and consistency personified. Just oozes how much they have worked in the gym and perfected the TEAM aspect of the game.

Those are the best coaches in our game today and they have had the two best teams over the last 11 years.

Coach D'antoni teams are a reflection of him aswell. Don't really focus on defense, have some defensive moments, but don't hold theirselves accountable on that end. The knicks lose focus because he does. He sits their and sulks in his chair next to his assistants then what does everyone else do they sulk and quit on the court. The bench players that don't play quit because they never see the court vs. another coach taking out an Amar'e or Melo and put the bench in to tell their asses step up their game or your not going to play Idc who you are. Another thing is I've seen a fastbreak offense work in the NBA, only problem is they also played D and hasn't worked since 79-80.