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    Originally Posted by TR1LL10N
    Yea and Doc Rivers needs to make Shaq a 3 point specialist...

    Are you saying STAT cant play the post?

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    Originally Posted by YungMelo15
    Im sorry but durant is NOT better than Melo.
    Agree, there's no way Durant is better than Melo. If anything they're about on the same level, but for my money I take Melo's versatility on offense over Durant. Of course it would also depend on the other players you had around them on certain teams Durant would make much more sense than Melo. He might have made much more sense for the Knicks too for that matter, but that's a moot point he wasn't available Melo was.

    Melo is the best scorer this team has had since Bernard King, I think it's silly not to be excited about that. It's certainly not like we had some kind of championship formula going here before we made the Melo trade I think people need to wake up to reality that team was going nowhere fast. At least now we have 2 major pieces to build up with. The hard part is done, now you focus on assembling the role players & eventually you have a team that can contend for championships. You can't build up with a supporting cast unless you have the main guys in place.

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    Originally Posted by Clyde & The Pearl
    Are you saying STAT cant play the post?
    Yes. Stat is not a post player. He is a mid range spot up shooter and finisher. He probably has the best (along with KG) mid range jumpshot for a big in the league.

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    Originally Posted by New New York
    Trade Melo to New Jersey for the two picks they wouldve given Denver but did not have to give Utah and a large trade exception,since they will have the cap and will need to convice Deron Williams to stay and Melo would do that for them.

    Thus freeing up 18 million (assuming the cap comes in at 60 million)

    Bring in Wilson and Tyson Chandler

    Tyson Chandler


    Tariaf/Shawn Williams or Jefferies

    Try to tell me our current starting 5 is better!

    We would actually gain one point per game! we would get 7 more rebs and 2 more blocks and overall a much more balanced team.

    Please someone show me how I'm wrong in thinking we would not be a better team in this scenerio!!!!

    Bring in my man Jeff Van Gundy to coach and we are back to The Finals within two years

    Another point to consider when for all of you who swear by the idea we need two superstars.

    Remember last time Melo played w/ a fellow Superstar player....allow me to give you a was Allen Iverson, the two of them scored a lot of points Denver made the playoffs and was consider "a dangerous first round opponent" but was bounced out of the first round twice!!!!

    Not being a pessimist like some of you have labled me, Im just not gassed because we have two "superstar players" now!

    still waiting for all those who questioned this thread and my credability as a fan and a poster to respond to my post above.
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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