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    I understand you're frustrated after the loss last night, but your biatching is not going to change anything.

    The team is going to progressively get better before the playoffs, make the playoffs and maybe, just maybe,, make some noise.

    Next season hopefully we'll see a contender and in all likelihood MDA will still be the coach..

    We tried it your way.. We had Riles and JVG..... and no chips sir.

    The way you win is by having the most dominant group of playerz.

    Right now we're a team in disarray after a major upheaval that brought in a host of new talent.

    It takes time to integrate new pieces.

    It's a learning process for everyone involved.

    Particularly when you have a new PG @ the helm, the decision maker, the distributor and prolly the most important part of our O..

    What's so hard to get about this??? You can't expect Rome in 2 weeks dude.

    Look @ you.. You played ya self w this bull**** ..

    This rant is your right, but when the I told ya so's come your way don't be surprised to see this one bumped again down the road.
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    wow.... no..
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