Well, I watched ESPN First Take this morning and one of the subjects on First and 10 was the Knicks. The Question was if Skip Bayless was ready to say that the Trade was not as good for New York as he first thought and if he was ready to retract his statement that the Knicks would be a tough out for anyone they faced in playoffs, and also that the Nuggets got the better end of the trade.
His answers were No, NO and NO...

He said anyone that thinks that Denver got the better end of the deal needs their head examined and does not know NBA Basketball and is just looking at the surface and what is going on right now in this very small window since the trade. He said the Knicks will be fine and this trade will long be remembered as the Knicks getting the better end of the deal in the long run.

He said that he still thinks they will create some problems in the playoffs for either bulls or miami but maybe not the CElts, this year.

He said that he is not sure if MDA is the right fit to coach this team and that will play out in future, and that the Knicks are still trying to find themselves somewhat like what the Heat have gone through this year. He looks at the Knicks as a team in Nov and Dec rather then one getting ready for the playoffs because of the lack of a training camp and ample practice time, but still thinks Billups will come around (he said dont forget how many games he was out with the injury) and lead this team come playoff time. He said dont be surprised if they dont get knocked out till 2nd round.

long term he thinks knicks and Carmelo will be fine. He said if carmelo had not get that stinger near his eye last night even though he hardly scored in 2nd half last night, he thinks he still would have pulled that game out for NY. He is just that kind of player.

Well I usually dont agree with anything this guys says, but lets hope for once he is correct. All 3 on the panel agreed that the knicks even with this current losing streak of 6out of 7 that they are a LOCK for the playoffs and that the bucks and Bobcats have NO chance of catching and knocking them out. So we will see. how this all plays out