first of all the nets might not trade kidd and if they do dont you think they will get something in ruturn for like one of the best PG in the NBA.

boston are you kiddin who do they paul and gary. gary is old he wont be much of a threat. and paul cant carry that team to the top of a division.

and the magic are way better that the wizards. are you kidding howard is ganna be big. steve is a good PG. and Mobley is a great shooter. and did you forget grant hill. he said he might be coming back this year. so this is there line up
thats not a bad team at all at least better then the wizards.

the knigs did not lose there main player. there main play is webber who will be better this season because he needed rest. and they got peja. who i think is not going anywhere. bibby is still there and now he has a younger player to pass to Ostertag. and i know hes not the best center but hes not that bad. o yea and dont forget Doug Christie, Bobby Jackson, and there other person that can play center Brad Miller.
now how can anyone tell me that the suns are better then this team.