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DW: Felton we want you back...

RF: What you say wheelchair man? You want me back? If ya'll wanted me so much ya'll wouldnt have gotten rid of me.

DW: But we had to get Melo.

RF: Now you have him, kiss my ass

DW: We didnt want to trade you? Denver wanted you or no deal. We were forced to take Billups.

RF: Nah old man. I got my pride, F*** Ya'll.

DW: We wanna pay you. Long Term. $$$$$

RF: Is the # 2 jersey still available?

DW: Hey mike, im gonna get Felton back. I miss him

MD: Well we dont really need him, he played defense from what i recall

DW: Well i hear Rondo might be available, he got into it with Doc

MD: Yea lets get him so he can ride the bench. First of all he doesnt shoot enough, and he cant shoot. We want players that aren't afraid to jackup shots from anywhere on the court. Thats the type of bravery we need. And didnt Rondo make the 1st team all defense last year? Give me a break, Defense!!! who does that?? Rondo is as useless as they get with my system