Thats all I can say; and this is coming from someone who doesn't like the Yankees & an average @ best hockey fan but I do pull for the Rangers & enjoy hockey as a sport during the playoffs but for some reason... Could never play it, could never like it & could never enjoy being down 2 goals in the 1st with no hope as a fan.

At least the Rangers & Yankees have gave the NY sports world life or we'd be like the city of Cleveland which is sad. I'm 25 & never experienced my 3 teams win a championship. Knicks, Jets & Rays always come up just short or disaster seasons. I've seen the Jets lose 3 AFC Championship games against Denver in 98 & consecutive AFCCG loses to the Colts & Steelers. We lost to the Colts last year & beat NE & INDY this year & lose to PITT? Cursed. Seen the Knicks lose to Houston in 94 & Spurs in 99; UGHH. Sad.

Being a die hard sports fan hurts, but I guess it's part of being a man if you've loved sports since your childhood days. @ least some of you guys have enjoyed championships. I haven't.