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● Amar'e's tired? Get him to the line! ★Post him up! Draw up a ****ing mismatch and instigate some flow for him. Stop playing him at the 5 when our best interior defender, Ronny T, is pining it up!

★ If I hear "Amar'e's not a post player, I'll be sick. I'm not saying post him in similar fashion to the way Orlando post Howard or Memphis ZBo, I'm saying put one of the most explosive scorers close to 7' tall within 5 feet of the basket and utilise on the physicality therein.

This team has no post game. Amar'e has proven he's a capable passer, let him and others benefit from a double team! On a V cut drop, hit him in transition! For ****'s sake!

● I'll reiterate, D'Antoni is NOT an offensive genius. His ineffective minor adjustments to the offence are perimeter based and predictable. Opponent scouts must literally consider New York a veritable payed holiday. Necessity is the mother of invention, no? The necessities are clear, where are the adjustments? 2 top 5 scorers..............Hmmmmm.

● At the end of the interview D'Antoni sais: "We'll watch the game tape and see what was wrong". After an entire season of the same monotonous fumbling, what is there to decipher? Honestly?

* Waits for the perpetually irritating "give it time" posts.

It goes way beyond that.

Notice I didn't even mention defence? I will.