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Like I said in the other thread... This team is in preseason mode & it's as simple as that. We lost 3 starters & a key 6th man @ the All-Star break. You know why the previous team was winning under MDA & not losing like this to piss poor teams? Because they had a full offseason of training camp as a team, over 35 different practices + an ENTIRE preseason. Right now? It's worse than preseason mode with less than 3-4 practices as a team, no offseason, no training camp, no preseason games etc etc... You all can blame MDA all you like but anyone that knows anything about sports knows how important an offseason as preseason is. Thats why every sport has offseason & preseason games. To gel, gain chemistry & improve.

I'd almost be willing to give you the benefit of a doubt with this as most of what you said here (and there, and everywhere) is true. But this matador defense and chuck em up offense is more like the kind of ball I see at LaFitness! These guys are playing like this is a pick up game! I mean really WTF?!!! I love the guys regardless but I better see some *****ing HEART from these guys. I don't even see the basketball professionalism right now! Just ridiculous.