This will be MDA's 1st offseason to improve a playoff team into a serious contender...

Yes, he messed up bad with young guys like AR & that career bust until now in Darko: but after watching MDA try DIFFERENT players @ C in Turiaf, Amare, a project rookie from Russia, JJ, Shawne & Shelden... There is no way ANYONE can tell me that MDA wouldn't welcome not a "project", but an NBA PROVEN Starting C such as M.Gasol, Nene, Dalembert or Jordan. Thats like saying this man "want's to lose". He's started 6-7 different C's this year; he's trying.

Plus; if Walsh passed up on a TRUE C', "just to make MDA happy" what does that say about our GM?

I'm giving NY time to gain PLAYOFF EXPERIENCE, a Draft to improve our bench depth, Free Agency to upgrade the NBA's worst 5 hole + an Offseaon of TC, Practice(s), time to GEL & an ENTIRE Preseason to get ready. If we're not AT LEAST 7 gms above .500 after 20 gms next year? I'll turn anti MDA too; but not before giving him an offseason to improve his 1st playoff team with NY.