It's easy to explain the Denver & New York situation(s). Rather quite simple.

New York came into the season with only 1 returning starter in Gallo. After the trade? 0 returning starters from the previous season & only 1 impact player who's only a 2nd year player who was with NY last year.

Kenyon Martin
JR Smith
Ty Lawson

Just to name a few. All 5 of those guys have been IMPACT performers for Denver over the years. All were with DEN last year & most for much longer.

Simple. Unless you don't understand how sports work you would understand that Denver has BEEN a team. The Knicks aren't "a team", we're nothing more & simply a team thats trying to learn how to become a better team. Never heard of a sports term considered as a learning curve? If you have to "question these two situations"... Different situations... It's obvious you haven't.