I remember sitting in my high school guidance counselors office when I was around 15 years old, and I saw this poster by micheal jordan, listing all of the times that he failed, missed winning shots, turned the ball over, lost games etc.
and he concluded that all of the failure was why he succeeds.

You have stubborn stars, veterans used to winning, and used to playing and winning and coaching their own way

I wonder if all of the losses is similar to breaking in a wild horse, you have to break habits, and fall of the saddle a bunch of times before you finally take a second to breathe, step back and say to yourself "I HAVE TO CHANGE"

you know dantoni knows he has to change

you know amare knows he has to change

you know melo knows he has to change

you know the role players on this team have to eventually realize there role is to play defense and do the dirty work

and you know billups has to realize he cant shoot three pointers 3 seconds into the shot clock from 28 feet out.

As veterans, professionals, and competitive winners , we have the make up of a team that has been to the finals, conference finals, won finals mvps, won olympic gold medals, coached olympic teams , won coach of the year awards, and are obviously frustrated by what has been going on.

I recognize the flaws in their habits, but I also recognize that sometimes it takes bumps and scars to learn what it takes to heal.

I firmly believe tonight is the start of that healing process, I dont know why I just feel it

lend me your opinions, rip my thread if you want to, but Its something i feel.

LETS GO KNICKS For godsakes

Im rooting for a turn around.