ok fellas i've been here and posting for a while and i personally enjoy it get to talk ball about my favorite team with fellow fans its great. It's because of this fact that i have no other choice but to do this-- its clear that i hate our coach i think he's the most retarded guy ever no adjustments even though when the most basic of basketball fans and the most casual ones at that can see what our problems are. the talent is obviously there but the coaching isnt on par to complement them. It is with this fact that i say this; im going to be taking a huge break from this site, ill still post but ill be away until this dumbass of a coach damn'toni is gone. hes not the guy to coach this team to where we need to go, so until he's gone ima be gone. But since i love the site and the knicks ill be posting from time to time and especially during the playoffs( considering we make it at this point =/ ).

once damn'tonis out ill be back to my normal posting self and go for the 5K club till then ill put that on hold for the most part.