WTH happened? We are doing nothing but blaming blaming finger pointing and thrashing every knicks player instead of coming up with solutions.Threads used to be more detailed and meaningful instead of a "this guys a fraud" or "this member is a fraud" bull****.

Get a grip, this is a fans forum to express how our team is doing, how to make them better and updated news.Before we would have threads about how our teams practice went today or how we could build a championship tam but now it is repetitive threads about TRADING/FIRING/RELEASING players instead of any positive threads about how these players can get better and what not.We are eating our own team alive.

We have a thread about calling out another member personally? This is the #1 forum for knicks fans guys we have to act like we care about the team instead of personal selfish thoughts.The only thread that i can read without a headache is runningjumpers PG thread.

Seriously stop, i know im not a longtime respected member but come on this forum is turning into a slum of hatred instead of an optimistic fan site.