Yeah, I remember the previous Knicks team with Felton, Gallo, Chandler & then Mozgov were at one point 7 or 8 games above .500. Thats due to the fact that, even though Gallo was our only returning starter from last year, MDA & these players, as a team; still had an entire offseason of training camp, time to gel, 35+ practices to practice the x's & o's of the game + an entire preseason of not only gaining team chemistry but also plenty of preseason games to work together as a team. Even that team came out of the gates slow but once we started to click? Before the trade rumors? We were the hottest team in the Eastern Conf for over a month. Paul Pierce made it known & stated "This Knicks team will be there until the end".

Then the trade happened & out TEAM got depleted & we're now back to square one but only without an offseason to practice & improve as a team. & sucks but thats the harsh reality of the largest trade in NBA history that took place past the mid-way mark.