LOL at Tinyface!

And I agree that Amar'e needs to play with more defensive intensity even if it means fouling out. It's not like we will be left with a team of scrubs if he does foul out, he shouldn't be worrying about that. But how many times have we seen him literally step out of the way of someone driving to the basket? If any of you watched the Charlotte game on League Pass or live in that area and watched the local feed, the commentators were literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD on live TV about our paint defense. Then at the end of the game one of the commentators said about the NY fans in attendance, "hope they find their cars OK, and that all four tires are intact."

We're NY. We can't be having that kind of sh!t. We have to let mofos know that even if they beat us they're going to be feeling it the next morning. No more of this soft "I don't want to foul out" nonsense. It's not just Amar'e. When's the last time Jeffries, Turiaf, both Shawne and Shelden Williams or Amar'e fouled out of a game? No, they just watch little guards that are barely over 6'0 drive past them for easy-peasy layups.

We can't be having that kind of sh!t. No sir. Not in NY.