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    Default Why is the NY media looking for a STAT vs. MELO war.

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    Who cares who's team it is. If this team is going to win a championship both players will have to contribute significantly.

    That last Miami game is the template for us winning big in the future. All three top players played their part.

    There are no issues of who team it is in Miami. Wade and Lebron both run it.

    I dont know this Mitch Lawrence guy from Adam, but he always has negative aspect on the Knicks. I guess that's his niche.

    This is STAT N MELO not STAT vs MELO.

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    good thread, thats ****ing dumb to say its like the heat where the big 3 all want the ball.. amare came to new york expecting another star, im pretty sure hes aware of the situation that hes in. of course they are gonna take and iso the ball some times, but thats expected. last game vs NJ amare and melo combined for 8 assists. these guys will continue to get better as a team and know when to back off when one or the other is hot. amare is averaging less points but at the same time is producing efficiently. he is very aware melo is a pure scorer.
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    I guess you can say that the New York media has always been the toughest sports media to play under in all of American sports. Anything to boost TV viewing / radio listening or blog ratings.

    These guys make a living off of trying to create story-lines that really don't exist. Nothing more than media hype.

    All I know is Melo & Amare are really good friends both on & off the court.

    They'll help eachother improve as players on the court & I can't imagine either one of them throwing eachother under the bus. If they never turned on eachother after losing 6 consecutive & 9 of 10? I'm not sure it'll ever happen.

    When the Knicks signed Amare this summer, days before LeBron announced his signing with Miami, Amare Stoudemire made it known & even stated that he had both Tony Parker & Carmelo Anthony ready to join forces with him here in NY come the summer of 2011. Pretty much came out & said we don't need LeBron.

    Amare changed the culture of this franchise. Melo is the best pure scorer around. 2 Franchise Stars.

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    The media loves to stir up drama, it's what sports journalism has become now, tabloid reporting.

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