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    Nyk Logo Past, Present, Future: Landry Fields Vid + Discussion Thread

    We have to get this kid back within the flow of the offence. He's a 1 in 50 player off the ball.

    What happened to his sideline hand off play with Amar'e? Where is the use of his effective dribble drive? Why can't we orchestrate him more in motion screens for a catch and shoot?

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    Where's the application of his high IQ movement in a slowed offence?

    Why does he like Michael Jackson?

    What are we not making the most of here?

    Voi stupidi lesbica!

    Take me through it!
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    Great thread.

    I have no idea why people include him in trades. Everything he's shown points to an All-Star future.

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    Great player and great guy! On a bad team like Washington or Cleveland he would be a 16 ppg 8 rpg guy this season.

    One thing he definitely needs to improve is his jumpshot. If he could become a deadly shooter from outside our team would benefit from it. I think in this offense with Melo and STAT his best offensive option would be the role as a spot up shoter, Mike Miller style.

    Apart from that he's played a great rookie season so far. Our best rookie for quite some time!

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