It wasn't easy, the Cavs made their run during the end of the 2nd quarter thanks to Davis & made a strong run during the entire 3rd but the Knicks proved to be too much for the Cavs to handle where it matters the most; during the 4th quarter.

Our 3 Stars in Billups, Melo & Amare all led the way for us tonight.

This victory over the Cavs can't erase the fact that we lost to this team three times this year, but it's a step in the right dirrection; a dirrection of putting that Cleveland disaster as a thing of the past while focusing on one thing & one thing only: Improving as a team from here on out & getting ready for our 1st playoff run since 04.

This was a must win for the Knicks. I'm not sure we could have recovered from a 4th loss to this Cavs team. A loss would have destroyed any type of momentum & confidence this team may have.

Bring on the Raptors. Lets get back to being over .500 after a horrible March losing 6 consecutive & 9 of 10 games.

It's a feel good feeling knowing we beat the Cavs tonight.