Who are the six most difficult centers to acquire in the NBA at this moment?

Yao Ming (He'll be the best center in the league in a few years)

Shaquille O'Neal (Even if he gets a career ending injury, that's a 30 million dollar expiring contract the Heat have)

Jamaal Magloire (The Hornets' only hope in suriving in the West)

Brad Miller (To me, he's the 4th best center in the league after Shaq, Ming, and Ben Wallace)

Samuel Dalembert (The one guy that can make the Sixers better than the Knicks and can help the Sixers win a championship in the future)

Ben Wallace (I got nothing much to say about him)

The best centers after these three have all been criticized by many of you, yet many of you still proclaim that the Knicks' biggest need now is getting a center.

Some of you say Mohammed can't be the center of the future, yet you still go out an say that another real center isn't a good fit for the Knicks, or wouldn't be a good idea because of his price tag.

If you want one of the better centers in the NBA, you're going to have to overpay, there's just no way around it.

I'm gonna take this time to go by each team in the NBA and name the best center on the team. For some I may name two centers.

Celtics: Mark Blount (Boston has him, and there ain't no way they'll give him up to the Knicks in a trade. They're in our same division, as well as the Sixers)

Nets: Jason Collins, Nenad Kristic (Unless Kristic surprises us, they have worse center depth than the Knicks, no doubt. Now that Martin is gone, their frontcourt should not scare us)

76ers: Samuel Dalemburt (Like I said, they won't let him go, they're not stupid. Unless Dalemburt does something crazy, he ain't going anywhere)

Raptors: Araujo, Bosh (Araujo is unproven but has potential. Bosh overworked himself at the center spot, but did well)

Bulls: Curry, Antonio Davis (Knicks won't acquire Curry and I know you guys think Antonio Davis is too old, and undersized for the center position)

Cavs: Ilgauskas (Some of you guys criticize Ilgauskas. I'd like to have him on the Knicks, but either way, I think the Cavs will re-sign him and Ilgauskas will stay with the Cavs. Cleveland already lost Boozer, I don't see them losing Ilgauskas as well)

Pistons: Ben Wallace, McDyess, Coleman, Cambell (Nothing needs to be said about Ben Wallace. I know you guys don't want McDyess, Colemand, or Cambell because they're all either too old or injury prone for any of you)

Pacers: Jeff Foster, Scott Pollard (Foster would be the best back-up center in the league if Dampier came to Indiana. Pollard is a scrub now, you guys wouldn't want him as the Knicks starting center)

Bucks: Daniel Santiago, Zaur Pachulia, Dan Gadzuric (Our centers are better than theirs so forget them)

Hawks: Jason Collier, Joel Przybilla (Are they better than our centers? Either way, you Knicks fans wouldn't be happy with them either telling from some of your attitudes)

Bobcats: Predrag Drobnjak, Jahidi White (I wouldn't mind either of the two, but most of you wouldn't be happy with them either)

Heat: Shaq, Doleac (Doleac is a quality back-up center, but that's it. Nothing needs to be said about Shaq)

Magic: Kelvin Cato, Tony Battie (Would either of these two make you happy? They would make me happy, but I know some of you wouldn't be happy with them, because some of you guys want a star center that does everything, rather than a descent roleplaying one.)

Wizards: Kwame Brown, Brendan Haywood, Etan Thomas, PETER JOHN RAMOS (I'm guessing that Etan Thomas will play PF, backing up Jamison, and I don't know if my man Peter John is ready yet for the NBA. Still, I don't see anyone on the Knicks roster good enough in a trade for any of these guys. Either way, I know some of you guys would have something bad to say about any of these guys as the Knicks' starting center, so I guess we'll have to forget about these guys also right?)

Mavs: Shawn Bradley, Calvin Booth (Yeah, I know you guys don't want any of them as the starting Knicks center. They're not good enough for you guys either, but I wouldn't want Shawn Bradley either. Booth is a descent shot blocker, but he isn't the amazing that you guys want)

Rockets: Yao Ming (I better not see any trade proposals here for Yao Ming)

Grizzlies: Stromile Swift, Lorenzen Wright (They're both better than Nazr Mohammed and Kurt Thomas, so Jerry West has no reason to ever deal them to the Knicks)

Hornets: Magloire, Chris Andersen (They're not giving up Magloire, and Chris Andersen wouldn't be good enough for you guys)

Spurs: Rasho Nesterovic (I wouldn't mind him, but he's probably not good enough for you guys either. Also, I don't know if they'd take Kurt Thomas or Nazr Mohammed for him)

Nuggets: Marcus Camby, Nene, Fransisco Elson (Nope, none of them are going to the Knicks. Either way, you guys probably don't want Camby since you think he's overpaid, Nene is impossible for the Knicks, and Elson is probably not good enough for you)

Wolves: Olowokandi, Ervin Johnson (The Kandiman isn't good enough for you and Ervin Johnson is too old for you)

Blazers: Theo Ratliff, Vladmir Stepania (Even Theo Ratliff isn't good enough for you guys. I know Stepania isn't good enough for you, but he's a descent rebounder)

Sonics: Potapenko, Fortson, Jerome James (Ok, their centers suck, we're better off with ours. Ain't no way I'd ever want Fortson on the Knicks, I hate that guy)

Jazz: Okur, Collins (They got Okur, they'll be good enough. Collins is a descent back-up center. Either way, Okur will not become a Knick and Collins isn't good enough for us)

Warriors: Foyle, Dale Davis (The Knicks won't get Adonal Foyle, but even he's not good enough for some of you. Some of you would think Dale Davis is too old, so we're not going to get him either)

Clippers: Kaman, Wilcox (I put Wilcox, though he's more of a PF. Still, I don't think the Knicks got anyone they could trade for Wilcox. Unless Wilcox asked for big money and we could trade Penny for him. Still, some of you don't want to overpay for a big man, so we can't get Wilcox either. Kaman is still unproven, but he has potential)

Lakers: Divac, Mihm (We could have gotten Divac, but he's too old for some of you. Mihm wouldn't have been good enough for some of you guys)

Suns: Voskuhl, Lampe (Vohskul is a descent back-up center, but that's it. Lampe is still unproven, but has potential. Lampe won't become a Knick in the near future though)

Kings: Brad Miller, Greg Ostertag (The Knicks will not get Brad Miller. We might have been able to get Ostertag but didn't. Either way, I'm sure Ostertag wouldn't have been good enough for some of you as the starting center)

There, I went through every single team and vented out all my frustrations on some of you guys.

I didn't include any free agent centers, but other than Dampier, I'm sure no one else is good enough for you guys either. (Except Rebraca, I know Sling liked him, but I read he's signing with the Clippers for 3.2 million next season)

I want people to talk about centers here. I've mentioned every single one I could possibly mention (I might as well mention Steven Hunter now too, which I wouldn't mind, but he's probably not good enough for some of you guys as well).

My conclusion, the Knicks don't have many good options to find out there for the center spot.

If you want the Knicks to get a good center, he's going to be overpriced, period, there's no way around that in my opinion.