It's extremely foolish to sit here & say the Knicks would be "lucky" to win a game or two against the Heat when A) The Heat has struggles against winning teams all season long. B) The Knicks & Heat have split the season series 2-2. C) The Knicks beat the Heat with a team that had zero team chemistry or expericne during only our 2nd game following the trade for Melo. D) NY has the advantage @ the PG position. E) MIA also lacks size & Big-Z is a horrible option when defending a team that can run under MDA. F) MIA has by far the weakest bench & depth of any team in the league. G) Melo has a career winning record against both Wade & LeBron combined & H) Amare is the much better player when compared to Bosh.

It's also funny to say LeBron would put up "triple-doubles" against us. Melo is a top 5 defensive SF when focused come playoff time & he's also one of the, if not the best rebounding SF's in the game today. LeBron won't come close to out rebounding, let alone dominating Melo on the glass with boards.