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    Default [Articles] Allan Welcomes Crawford / Allan Will Help Jamal

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    Originally Posted by NY Post
    Allan Welcomes Crawford

    Houston, who plans to be at full strength by the start of training camp Oct. 5, said he wants to be Crawford's mentor. Houston compared Crawford's arrival to when he left Detroit for New York eight years ago to share the shooting guard role with John Starks - an indication he's ready for a reduced role.

    Houston isn't ready to pass the torch, however, still feeling his knees will be healthy. Though he says, "I'm where I want to be at this point" in his rehab, Houston admitted, "I still have a ways to go."

    It has been 41/2 months since he has played and is still only doing shooting and court drills, having yet to scrimmage.

    "My goal has always been to do drills on the court in August," said Houston. "I still have a ways to go, but I'm right where my goal is. My goal is to play in August and I think in a couple of weeks I'll be able to go out and play.

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    Originally Posted by Daily News
    Allan Will Help Jamal

    Allan Houston's aching knees kept him out of 32 games last season, and when he was unable to suit up for the playoffs, the Knicks desperately missed him as they lost four straight first-round games to the Nets.
    When Houston finally gets healthy again, he'll be part of a very different team thanks to last week's trade that brought guard Jamal Crawford and forward Jerome Williams from the Bulls for Dikembe Mutombo, Othella Harrington, Frank Williams and Cezary Trybanski.

    Houston seemed more inclined to view Crawford as a protege than as a competitor for minutes, but knows that Crawford, who averaged 17.3 points per game last season, will likely replace him down the road.

    "I wanna help him become a better player than he already is," Houston said. "We got to get to know each other and do what it takes. Maybe we'll have some slumber parties or something."

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    Crawford can learn alot from Houston on offense. He said he would try to learn everything he can. One thing is for sure the Knicks have such a resource of great basketball players, in todays game, and the game in general. Isiah and Kareem have the respect and the titles to show from their careers as players. Ariza is another young player that can go a long way by learning from his mentors on the Knicks.
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    this is great now allan can teach crawford all he knows and if crawford can trun in to a young houston it will be the best. houston was the best shooter in his days

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