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    C'mon really let's stop the silliness with Billups really.

    If MDA can design plays around David Lee with Duhon distributing, he can damn sure make a play for Amare when it's Billups dishing.

    Amare and Billups running a standard pick n roll looks scary enough in this offense. Coming up with a play or two to get Amare the ball in the paint heading towards the basket is not rocket science.

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    Originally Posted by iSaYughh
    Almost missed this gem of an op when logging into QueensOnline..

    Few general things:

    *Amare with a sky hook...****, that sounds incredible, and can you just imagine him using that. Beautiful to consider.

    *Amare being best in motion, as a dynamic/dominant inside finisher. Completely agree, thats where he is best: evidenced by that making him, truly, the most dominant and efficient inside scorer in the NBA. When that is the focal point.

    That aside...I'm still not sure why he can't get some plays run for him before he gets a sky hook, has chemistry and an able pg to feed him like he likes, etc.

    He does seem to be passing a lot more, but that still doesn't truly reflect actual plays run for him to score.

    My guess at the answer...

    MDA's offensive pedigree and wheelhouse is based off motion, ball movement, and crisp dynamic offensive plays drawn off that. I.e. How Amare has been fed and eaten his NBA life under MDA, and half of this season.

    Melo, and especially Billups, have forced things to adjust. Née starting big time players. Enough said.

    Slow down, more iso's, less ball movement. Aka the antithesis of what has facilitated Amare's bread n butter.

    Now, you may ask, well, WTF, give him more post-up/iso plays.

    1) Amare isn't most readily able to play like that
    2) MDA isn't most readily able to further re-construct, define, and slow the entire offensive machine and game flow
    3) MDA is hoping to make Amare more efficient, and have him simply put take a backseat for now to Melo (and Billups), till further notice. Pass more, utilize his mid range more, score efficiently with relatively low volume.

    Why Amare simply can't continue what he was doing prior, and through his career...even accepting more limited volume of opportunities and, Id conclude, more evidence that the new roster upheaval is still finding it's way as a cohesive unit (understandable), and that Billups isn't a good PG for Amare. MDA didn't suddenly fall out of love w his favorite offensive player, and the players favorite way of scoring which MDA himself developed.

    If that reflects MDA, re: the cohesion, changing Billups or changing does. But those aren't puzzles you'd normally expect a coach n team to resolve in a few weeks, especially mid season and during the heat of a playoff battle. Surely, tho, they must be resolved, one way or another.

    Whether that means Billups isn't a good PG for us....idk, there are other factors -- good n bad -- that'd have to be evaluated.
    Fantastic post dude!

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