Hey guys what about a little prediction thread?

Everyone who likes to predict the first round may do so

I start:

1 Bulls vs 8 Pacers

my prediction: 4-0 Bulls. Yes they'll sweep the Pacers. The Bulls defense is the best in the league. Rose is in beast mode, plus their frountcourt is finally healthy and hungry (Boozer, Noah, Gibson, Thomas, Asik). The Pacers have close to nothing to stop them. Hibbert is inexperienced and foul prone. McRoberts and Hansbrough are not as good as we made them and Foster can't guard the whole Chicago frontcourt by himself.
Deng will take care of Granger and Rose will dominate Collison on both ends of the floor. A good warmup for Chicago before the action gets tougher in the second round.

2 Miami vs 7 Philly

First of all: I predict Miami in 2nd, because they still have to play the Celtics at home and I'm quite confident that they will beat them, because the Celtics are 8-9 over the last 17 games. I'm also confident that we'll keep 6th - so Philly in 7th.
Prediction: 4-1 Miami. I can't see Philly making any real noise in this one. The key matchups will be: Wade vs Meeks/Iguodala, Lebron vs Young and Bosh vs Brand. Phily are better at the PG spot - no doubt, but that isn't enough to trouble the Heat. I think Philly'll win a home game though. Possibly game 3.

3 Boston vs 6 the one and only New York Knickerbockers

My heart says we have a chance and the Celtics aren't all that anymore - especially after the trade and with Shaq stepping in and out of hospital. I want to believe that we're in for a chance to upset them and win this series in 6 or 7. THat's my heart. My head though says that Boston are still one of the best defensive teams, we're 0-3 against them and they have tons of experience plus a smart coach. I think 4-2 Boston is the most likely outcome in this series. I can't see us winning a game in Boston, but I can see them stealing the second or third home game from us - similar to the 2 narrow defeats during the regular season.

4 Orlando vs 5 Atlanta

The most boring matchup. 30 players - 1 superstar (D. Howard). Might be a tough but boring series. Orlando consist of Howard and 3 point shooting, while Atlanta have become more versatile with their motion offense, but also less successful. Crawford is in a slump, Horford is still undersized aganist D12 and Larry Drew's coaching remains questionable. I predict a tight matchup, but Howard will make the difference. 4-2 Orlando.