Guys... You DO know that NYK17 (NJN17) is really a NETS fan from the Jets site who hates anything & everything about the Knicks RIGHT? Ahaha it's funny. On the Jets site he goes by the name of "624". I actually made that thread about the Nets fans because I seen he was online and ahaha he fell for the bait. On the Jets site, he ALWAYS corrected me when I made it known Melo was a top 5 player. He ALWAYS said "he wasn't". I'll post links later, just send me a PM for em. You'll laugh. And here he is... Quoting my each and every post again. Making it "known" his favorite D-Will is "better than Melo". On the Jets site he was talking about my post count in gameday threads 3 nights ago the SAME night he talked about my post count on here. Send me a PM lol I'll send you the link (already have em saved). 624 is NJN17 who joined right after me to quote my every post ahahahah. NJN17 (624) is also online @ TGG right now talking about me ahahah. Just PM me guys funny reads.