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ahahahaha guys... I just saved his NJ Net posts about Melo not being a top 5 player ahahahahahahahahahah

624 (NYK17 aka NJN17) ALSO has Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Howard, Williams, Rose & Paul... ALL ahead of Melo ahaha & to make it worse? In THAT EXACT SPECIFIC order.... Too funny. Send me the PM's asking for links & you'll die laughing @ the clown ass creep all night!
I already looked on TGG.com and saw that thread. Funny reading.

Don't think there's any real proof NY17 and 624 are the same person though.

What I found hilarious was those guys bashing you for posting too much, some of them had close to 20,000 posts hahahaha!! They are like the worst kind of nerdragers I've ever seen. Creating multiple accounts here and worrying about getting banned because it would ruin their evening of cyber-bullying!

The guys over there definitely lead fulfilling lives when their idea of a night of fun is to follow some random guy around the internet harrassing him