I respect Amare for becoming a true team leader & helping his coach turn around our franchise. Without Amare; this year wasn't possible. Most good to great coaches need a great star or two inorder to contend though. Amare & Melo time.

I appreciate MDA for accepting rebuilding mode three years ago (just) for a chance to win this year; as well as seriously contend during his contract year of 2012.

I don't understand how some say coach doesn't deserve a chance next year, when he's the coach that led us to the playoffs for the fist time in 7 years. He's stressing team defense & we're much improved from last year.

We could finish with a 44-38 record after 29-53 last year. We're 18-21 on the road after finishing 11-30 away from MSG last year. Teams such as INDY, MIL, TOR & CHA all finished with much better records than us last year. ATL & ORL finished 24 & 30 games ahead of us! Ther're only 3 & 9 ahead of us right now.

We're a team on the rise under MDA. The best of the Knicks under this man has yet to come.