They have this fun little app on that allows you to filll out a bracket manually, from the current standings or 2 other sources. Then you hit the redbutton to let the series playout and go onto next rounds all the way to nba finals. Its different everytime and i got it to predict an upset of Boston on my 2nd try, however it had us losing in 2nd round..

here is the link for anyone who would like to try it out:

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Also I see where there is some confusion with people thinking it is a best of 5 and some saying best of 7. First Round Format was changed in 2003 from 5 to 7 game series. Reason being it reduced the chance of a First Round upset by a lower seed, because the better seeded team normally will win 4 over course of 7. In a 5 the lower seed could get hot and eliminate all the hard work a High seed put in all season.
For some reason i think the 7game format benefits this years Knicks. I dont see them doing what they did in 90s losing first 2 and coming back and sweeping celts 3 in a row. If we lost first 2 in boston i think that would take us out of the series. In a 7 game series it is still very bad to lose first 2 but you still have time to recover and push it to 7th game. I think this would benefit us vs boston or miami. I see us winning this in 6. we will get game 5 in boston and win it at home