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    Default Yes. I said that before

    Originally Posted by StEpHoN_mArBuRy
    Yeah, not only the loss, but their bench made our bench look pretty bad down the stretch as they pulled away.. No defense was played by us what so ever.. Guess I shouldn't be surprised tho.
    Looks like their bench could be key in the series. We need to get quality minutes from people you dont expect to step up. That often more times then not is what wins a series. A guy or 2 off the bench stepping up and hitting huge shots or making a big stop.

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    Whats Sheldon Williams Prognosis or did they say they XRay'd...He went limping off in the closing minute of the game

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    Default Team D

    as lame as this game was, it pointed out how Celtdicks play team defense and the Knicks do not. Team green was TAUGHT Team D, first and foremost by ex-D coach Tom Thibadeutsch, and reinforced by Ol' Doc River. It's no surprise our bench was outclassed by theirs. however, as meaningless a game as can possibly be. nice dunk to the head by Jeff Green!

    c'mon playoffs!

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    i didnt watch the game but fellas all the comments im reading in this thread are not making me feel any better. they rested 80% of their starting lineup, but its not about that, if we're simply missing shots because they played good D, im ok with that, but im hearing TD is lost and no one from the bench is steppin up to take on the load and that worries me.

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