We didn't lose this game because of Antoni, even though a lot of times we do. We lost this game because the NBA didn't want us to win and the refs called the game accordingly.

The refs gave the Celtics multiple second chance opportunities to get back into the game and then to close it out at the end. Go back and watch the phantom foul called on Melo against Pierce in the corner where the refs gave them 3 free points to take the lead. Or how about calling a tic-tac foul on Melo with :22 seconds remaining in the game and then not calling Garnett for BLATENTLY tripping Douglas to open up the Ray Allen game winning shot. I'm in the progress of putting together a bad call compilation video on youtube to let you guys see what I saw and call out these corrupt refs and league/commish.

Sorry guys but it all comes down to money and a Boston/Miami series will pull in more money than a Knicks/Miami series. Maybe we'll get the calls next year if we get another big name. Who knows... All I know now is it's obvious we have no chance to win if we're playing the Celtics and the refs. F*CK THE NBA, F*CK THE REFS, and F*CK DAVID STERN!