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Nice game thread!
I'm really pissed after the game one loss and although i'm confident in our chances i do have a bad feeling about boston coming out strong tonight. Any idea if Shaq's gonna be in? Not too worry about it but he's still a big guy.
Btw, y'all saw doc's comment on the kg foul?
what a piece of trash this guy is, seeing them out of the first round would be even sweeter than seeing the knicks in the ec semis.
WOW he cant possibly be serious.....TD tried to trip KG and he was proud that KG stood up to it?!?! WTF is he talking about, this guy is delusional.

It was blatantly obvious that KG tripped TD, giving Allen an uncontested 3 to win the game. The Knicks need to come out strong tonight, Amare needs to tear that POS apart in the paint, and Turiaf needs to give a nice playoff hard foul to the first C that drives to the hoop.