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I still need someone to explain that 3rd foul on douglas. There was a little more than 3minuteson the gme clock and 15 seconds on the shot clock.

TD looked over at the bench, then jumped up and fouled rondo for no damn reason. I surprised he didnt get 3shots. WTF was up with that bs.

Im prtty sure that play where KG got the timeout was PURE BULLSH**, if the first onewas a jump ball, why not the second one? It was the same EXACT play.

We wouldnt be in the situation where JJ gets the ball down 1 if they dont call that BS. Damn zebra cakes

TD fouled because they needed to get Amar'e off the floor ASAP. TD was not the right guy to get the foul and it was d'ant's fault, he appologizes to TD on the play.

And yeah the steal by garnett should of been a jump ball, tho i'm not sure if JJ would beat KG on the tip. JJ should have gone up with it, it was a poor decision, but that is what you can expect from JJ. Tough intelligent defense both on his man and in help situations, good movement without the ball.

but when you put it in his hands he is like "WHAT THE??? I DON'T EVEN!?!? AHHHHHH" and does something retarded.