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    I hope he's working on those free throws. I know he hates that he Dhowarded 2 clutch free throws at i think 3 mins with us up 5

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    STAT stepped up BIGTIME for us in game one. The guy was just abusing Garnett, Big Baby and co off the dribble and with his jumper. That 360 layup and then the dunk in KG and O'Neals face were both epic, clutch plays.

    One thing I was listening to the other day that was intresting about the Knicks is that when Bostons "big 3" came together they were ready to put aside individual achievements and just focus on winning, then they said not sure if Melo is at that point yet but STAT is definatley there. The man is a hell of a player and leader, has really impressed me since coming to NY and can't be happier he is here!

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