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Well guys after another disappointing loss we are left here looking for answers again and what can I say? The "real" reason we lost isn't because JJ fumbled the pass from Melo. We didn't lose again because the refs again gave the Celtics the call in the last 20 seconds. We also didn't lose this game because Stat and Billups were out. We lost this game because of Antoni. Here's an in-depth analysis of what Antoni did or actually failed to do:

1. He failed to instruct Douglas to play his position in the 2-3 above the screen. Douglas' spot in the 2-3 should of been at the top corner of the Key. Douglas was mounted on the box in the paint falling behind every screen leaving Rondo to have a field day on us. I kept waiting and waiting for the adjustment to come and not only did it not come, Douglas started even playing further down the box getting lost behind all the big men. Anyone who has any basketball knowledge would of made this adjustment after Rondo's second wide open layup in the first quarter. Has Antoni ever heard of stopping the ballhandler? It didn't look like it and Antoni surely didn't make the adjustment.

2. Play selection. Again, just like most games this season, Mike had our boys running the same exact play the entire game (High Pick and Roll leading to ISO). Sure the play occasionally works... The problem is every team in the league knows we run it all game and know exactly how to cover it. Melo went off today even though most of his shots were off-balanced while being hacked and triple-teamed yet we still couldn't pull away... Why you might ask? Because Antoni's ONE play he runs keeps everyone on the perimeter leaving NO off-ball movement leading to us chucking up a RECORD 22 forced shots and 5 air-balls. Just to give you a comparison, Boston had 3 forced shots...3.

Knowing Melo was getting doubled the entire 4th quarter, Mike kept calling the same play to Melo and didn't ONE time send the open man cutting to the basket until the last damn play of the game in which JJ fumbled the ball. Maybe, just maybe if they tried it once or twice before they would of had a rapport and the play would of worked to slow down that double-team on Melo...But thankfully for us that wasn't Antoni's ace in the pocket at the end of the game...LOL give me a break!

3. Mike has been terrible this series and this season on working the refs and our team is paying for it with LOSSES. There are such things as make-up calls and the way you get them is for your coach to point out the refs blown call. Mike didn't work the refs at all the last two games. It seems like every 10 minutes Doc Rivers is letting the refs know every call they screwed up. What does Mike do? He crosses his arms and folds his lip up and does NOTHING. Working the Refs is part of basketball, DO YOUR F*CKING JOB MIKE OR GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE!

4. Lack of coaching... Walker needed to be "coached" and calmed down immediately after he gave up Melo's three pointer by blatently pushing a Celtic in the back as the shot was already in the air on the way through the hoop. Then on his next defensive assignment he didn't fight around the screen and the Celtics easily scored. Then for the next 5 minutes he had 3 turnovers, an air-ball and was responsible for 7 Celtics points. Then finally Mike calls a timeout and the camera cuts to him and he walks right by Walker and didn't say a word. This coach is beyond repair and needs to go. All you guys that can't see this need to wake up and see how bad our coach really is. If Melo wasn't on we would of been blown out by 30.

Honestly, this team could play better than they're playing now without a coach and that's pretty damn sad. At least then they would move around without the ball and be unpredictable. So even though the Refs again blew the last second call and JJ fumbled the ball and our guys made a few mistakes it all boils down to our coach and his terrible attempt at coaching. If Melo can own guys with no playcalling and triple teams, imagine what he could do on this squad with a real coach and real playcalling/driving to the basket? Please God give us a real coach next year, we'll be unstoppable!

I agree 100%. You couldn't have put it any better. Beat me to the punch.

Even after all of that, we still could have had a game winning play and gotten open for it. Inbound the ball to JJ back to Rog, Melo decoys this one as the look would be for either TD or Shawne Wil. JJ dives to the box to set a screen on (Let's say it's TDs guy for sake of Shawne having a bigger body and being the 2nd screen man on the other box). TD curls around JJ then sprints to the opposite corner for the 3 while his man chases around 2 screens on the baseline or if he defender is with him catch it, with his man closing out, take a one dribble pull and wet that **** for the GWinner. I'm upset but still looking forward to the future with this squad. Anything that happens in the playoffs is icing but we need to at least win the next 2 at home. Gotta come out gunning and not let up.